Book Cover

Yesterday I had a fun time emailing back and forth with my publisher’s design team deciding the final touches to the book cover for You, Me, & We. Kinsey did an amazing job creating a book cover that would convey all of the aspects of my book into one graphic. There is a lot of symbolism with the artwork on the book cover that the reader will uncover as they delve into the book. You get to have the first glimpse of the book cover below. What a fun creative process to be a part of. I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to publish my book with Cedar Fort Publishing and to be the recipient of such professional publishing. Their acquisitions team has a tremendous amount of confidence in my book and I can promise that it will not disappoint! My first book has been received better than I had dreamed, so thank you to all of you fans that really have made this possible!

By the way, several other books are finished and two others are being written. The one I’ve been spending the most time writing lately is a psychological thriller/fantasy.  It’s pretty much AMAZING!