Fee for Services

Fees range depending on the therapist you are meeting with. If you would like to talk to your therapist for a 15 minute “get to know you” phone call we would be happy to arrange that for you. Finding the therapist that you feel comfortable with is paramount in setting the stage for change in therapy and the utmost importance for us at Covenant Sex Therapy.   

We accept cash, credit, check, HSA (Health Savings Account), bishop pay, and we work with many insurance agencies for our services. Therapy rates for insured clients vary depending upon insurance and contracted rates with our providers. You will only pay your co-pay or the portion your insurance does not cover. For example, some insurances require you to meet a deductible first. If you are interested in bishop pay, please speak with your bishop to see if he is willing to use fast offerings to pay in part or in full for our services. Bishop pay is commonly used by clients going to LDS Family Services. A therapy session lasts 50 minutes. We employ some of the brightest minds at local universities as our interns. They are highly trained and supervised by two different supervisors with training in sex and relational therapy. Dr. Hughes personally picks “the cream of the crop” to be mentored at our clinics all throughout the state of Utah.  

We have begun offering our unique knowledge base and skill in sexuality to younger clients that are struggling with issues such as sexual abuse, identity, compulsivity, addiction, identity, acting out/behavioral, development, education, and health. Individual and family sessions are available to address these concerns.

We are now offering Webinars for those unable to attend traditional therapy, video counseling, or group. Webinars are a low cost way to get the psycho-education for experts in the field of sexuality right to your electronic device.

In addition to our other services, we are excited to be offering group therapy for several different topics. These groups are process groups ran by our highly trained therapists. The format is through a secure online program that allows for our clientele that are all across the state of Utah. We have five total process groups. These include a women’s sexuality group, men’s sexuality group, women’s trauma recovery group, men’s sexual addiction group, and women’s sexual addiction group. The sexual addiction groups are not 12 step groups. We highly support 12 step groups and recommend these to our clients. However, process groups offer something vastly different and much needed by sexual addiction clients. These groups last 90 minutes. Please see our group therapy page for more detailed information about each group