How Can We Improve Our Sexual Satisfaction?

How Can We Improve Our Sexual Satisfaction?


Many couples agree that sexual satisfaction changes over time, and that the majority of the time it decreases. Perhaps you have experienced this in your own relationship. However, there are a few things that can minimize this decline and give your sexual satisfaction a boost.


An article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior explained that sexual satisfaction peaked in the later part of the first year and was followed by a decline from the second year on. However, having more frequent intercourse made the decline decrease (Schmiedeberg and Schroder, 2015). How often do you and your partner have intercourse? Are both of you satisfied with this frequency?


Another article explained that post-sex affection increased sexual satisfaction, especially for couples with children (Muise, Giang, Impett, 2014). Showing affection after intercourse can give you and your partner some much needed alone time. It is also a great time to have playful and uninterrupted conversation.


An article in the Journal of Sex Research found that self-disclosure about sexual likes and dislikes increased sexual satisfaction. Couples who disclosed more in general had greater sexual satisfaction, but it was most notable when partner’s disclosed their sexual preferences (Byers and Demmons, 1999). Have you and your partner discussed your likes and dislikes? Talking about it can help you and your partner take an “intimacy inventory” to ensure that both of you are satisfied with your sex life.


Consider having more frequent intercourse, even if this means just increasing the frequency from once a month to once every two weeks. A great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time together is to be affectionate and talk after intercourse. Also, consider having a discussion about what you like and dislike in your sex life with your partner. Implementing these ideas will give your sexual satisfaction a boost and decrease the decline you may be experiencing.