Excerpt from the Manuscript in Edit

I want to give you all a glimpse of the manuscript before it goes through publication. Just a little teaser for everyone that’s been asking! In one of the final chapters of my book I talk about the “new LDS cultural narrative about sex” that’s on the rise and what we can do to aid in this effort. The new shift is sex positive and looks at ways of re-storying our past negative cultural view of sexuality. I go into additional detail of how we can create a new narrative with some re-storying of the past and creating new narrative for the future.

We all too we’ll know the old cultural narrative. By creating a new narrative therapists have long found that our behaviors and actions also alter. Narrative therapy has been around for a long time. I’ve found a way to use this narrative to alter the LDS cultural view of sexuality to be more sexuality promoting and affirming. Take for example the old LDS cultural narrative about sex. Wholesome men and women don’t really talk about sex. An LDS housewife wouldn’t bounce around ideas about what position might feel good and a LDS priesthood holder wouldn’t moan and relish in the excitement that comes from a steamy sexual encounter. Our culture has perpetuated this incorrect assumptions. The old narrative would say that our culture is shy about the topic of sex and we as a group haven’t really honored that part of the human experience. Sure, as a group we’ve tried to keep it sacred, but is that fully honoring our sexuality and our bodies?