Online Group Therapy

There are many reasons for participation in group process. Each group has their unique reasoning. Many clients find that therapy is more expensive than they can afford and choose group therapy to get some of the benefits that are derived from individual therapy such as psycho-education, assignments, process, and therapeutic insight while paying substantially less than individual therapy. We have found that many clients benefit from being able to discuss current difficulties with others that are going through similar challenges. They can find intervention, new understanding, and support from the group members as well. Each new group can begin when there are enough participants to make the group productive. We also cap off our groups so that it is not too large to be helpful. Payment for the first group attendance and accompanying forms will reserve your spot in the group. All the groups are online using programs that will provide confidentiality from anyone outside of the group.

Women’s Sexuality Group:

This group was created for women that are struggling with any aspect of sexuality. Many of the women in this group have low sexual desire, sexual pain, or are not able to orgasm. Some women have entered this group to find answers to questions about sexuality that they have not been able to find with their spouse or in seeking it out on their own. Others are excited to be in this group to glean from others how to become orgasmic. Still many other women use this group as a way to get support for years of sexual pain.

Men’s Sexuality Group:

Similar to the women’s group, this group was created for men that are struggling with any aspect of sexuality. Whether it be premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, adjusting to societal/cultural pressure, or anything in-between. With a strong societal pressure for men to be able to perform and be sexual machines, plenty of men struggle with having a successful sexual encounter. There is an additional cultural layer that exists as well where sexual activity is abstained from until marriage, or close to this, but then they need to have it all figured out from their wedding night on. These are just a few of the reasons for considering joining this group.

Women’s Trauma Recovery Group:

This group is to provide a safe place to process and heal from the effects of a partner’s sexual addiction. The group therapist will help the group grieve the loss of the relationship they want, lost, or thought they had. We include ways of taking control of your life and working on oneself. Support from other women in group settings have been shown to bolster the individual as they working through difficult emotions and events. The group is more direct and open about traumatic events and interventions for healing.

Men’s Sexual Addiction Group; Women’s Sexual Addiction Group:

Thanks to the many voices asking for a process group for sexual addictions, we have created these two separate groups. They are very different from 12 step groups on many counts. We strongly encourage 12 step group attendance. In fact, we suggest it two times a week. However, there are some things that are not provided by 12 step groups that process groups are intended for. Instead of a group facilitator, process groups have a therapist that runs the group. This therapist provides psycho-education, therapeutic process in session, interventions, and fosters productive group discussion.

To sign up for any of our groups please fill out the Contact Us form on the “Contact & Locations” page, email Dr. Hughes, or call us. Each 90 minute group is only $30 per session. Each process group is ran by one of our therapists and provides psycho-education, group direction, and therapeutic process.