Sexual Addiction Process Group

Men’s Life Group


Group therapy is a treatment where a small number of people, usually eight to ten, meet together weekly for an hour or two. Unlike 12-step programs, group therapy is guided by a trained therapist. Having a therapist provides an opportunity for individuals to process, receive support, and experience accountability.
In each of the small groups, participants are given opportunities to experience genuine acceptance, no judgment, confidentiality, a safe environment, and healthy emotional and relational intimacy.

These groups are designed for men that struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, who are ready to stop simply surviving and embrace living fully. Participants share the common goals of achieving sexual sobriety and purity, integrity, authenticity, and learning to understand healthy intimacy. Successful participants make at least a 24-week commitment.

Groups meet weekly and are open to new participants. These groups provide a safe and confidential environment. The support and maintenance of accountability throughout the recovery process makes these groups go beyond the average men’s group. If you would like to learn more about these groups, call 385-312-9844 today.

Topics discussed include:

  • Living Fully
  • Reaching Your True Potential
  • Manhood
  • Reverencing Womanhood
  • The Power of a Team
  • Drills
  • Your Mind
  • Emotions
  • Chemical Switches
  • Pushing Through Fear
  • Worthy Goals
  • Creating New Paradigmss
Through reading and workbook assignments, experiential exercises, supportive interaction, and accountability, participants experience massive positive results. You won’t regret committing to this life-transforming journey, walking with men who share a common vision for their lives. Space is always limited in these popular groups so act now by calling 385-312-9844.