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Dr. Hughes currently teaches sex therapy at Brigham Young University and Argosy University. He has done thousands of hours of sex therapy, many presentations and guest lectures, written articles and books, and supervision of sex therapy cases. He has his own therapeutic approach to sexual concerns from all of his experience in this field and being a member of the LDS church. He has disseminated these experiences and education to his therapists at Covenant Sex Therapy through supervision and other training encounters. 
At Covenant Sex Therapy we regularly participate in ongoing training within our area of expertise, sex therapy. Our therapists are actively pursuing additional education on sexuality through reading, presentations, guest lectures, conference training, etc. We are regularly invited to present or educate university classes, wards, other professional groups, bishops, bloggers, newspapers, and authors seeking further education and understanding concerning sexuality and the sexual relationship.
As a leading provider of sex therapy, we take pride in offering top tier therapeutic services. Working day in and day out with individuals and couples who are struggling with sexual concerns or in their sexual relationship. This is just one of the reasons that we are a leading provider in this area. Integrating traditional and cutting edge approaches for our LDS clients that respect their values is another aspect of our innovative approach. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients from a confidential, LDS gospel-centered counseling approach.


Covenant Sex Therapy started with a vision of providing highly specific and specialized counseling services to an in need population. Dr. Hughes grew up in Springville, Utah, where he was raised LDS in a predominantly LDS community. As he matured, he saw a distinct need, particularly within the LDS population, for sexual matters to be addressed, healthy sexuality, sexual satisfaction, and sexual compulsivity/addiction. As he began his training at BYU to become a marriage and family therapist, he focused his education and experience to help this population. He quickly became the go-to therapist when no one else knew what to do with their clients. Dr. Hughes currently teaches for BYU's graduate school in the marriage and family therapy department and Argosy University. He is still sought after by therapists perplexed by cases of sexual dysfunction and regularly guest lectures at BYU and UVU. Additionally, Covenant Sex Therapy is on the referral list for LDS Family Services.


We follow a protocol that is individualized for each person and couple. This protocol is called the Sexual Attentiveness and Accountability Model that incorporates systems within (mind, body, emotions, and spirit) and systems without (couple, time, society, culture, friends, religion, safety, context, and family of origin).

There are six stages of change including 1) awareness/attentive, 2) accounting, 3) authoring/re-authoring, 4) action to take, 5) accountability, and 6) actualization.

Some common therapeutic tasks are body image, sex is for women, female-centric view, sex is about pleasure, sexual rights, connection focus, EFT dyadic, mindfulness, include spirituality of marriage, foster positive thinking, self as a sexual being, no longer surrendering sexuality to abuser, vulnerability, sex as a part of God’s plan, connection with body, shift of family of origin or cultural messages, orchestrating arousal, hiking at the slowest hiker’s speed, new narrative on myths, new sexual scripts, anxiety reduction, mood, relaxation training, relationship with sexual anatomy, expectations, and being a sexual person and a good priesthood holder, child of God, and/or member of the LDS church.


Staff at Covenant Sex Therapy have bolstered their knowledge and clinical skills to meet the vast array of sexual problems that face our LDS community. Each therapist regularly consults with Dr. Hughes to improve their expertise in sex therapy. Li Ping Su is a fully trained EMDR therapist. She has taught courses at BYU and speaks Mandarin. Tasha Bates regularly attend conferences and training on sex therapy and other clinical knowledge to improve their sex therapy skills, such as their attendance at a conference with the world renowned sexuality expert Barry McCarthy and Marty Klein. They both can be found with their nose in a book or earbuds in while learning the latest on sexuality. Bryan Kubricht regularly co-teaches graduate therapists at BYU with Dr. Hughes. He also teaches other courses on campus. Andrea Parady has almost a magical way of connecting with clients and talking about sexual issues. She has a way of helping clients explore their sexuality and heal while being fully present and compassionate. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in working with individuals and couples experiencing issues of sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, satisfaction, compulsivity/addiction, and everything in between. They are now accepting youth clientele and their families where sexual concerns have surfaced such as sexual abuse, health, problematic behavior/acing out, and compulsivity/addiction.

The Therapeutic Alliance


The Therapeutic Alliance, or the relationship and trust that the therapist and client share, has been called the most important part of the therapy process. At Covenant Sex Therapy we pledge to work with you in a respectful, courteous and professional manner.

We understand that sexual and intimate challenges can be difficult to discuss and that therapy is an emotional process. With us, you can rest assured that we will do what all we can to make sure your experience with us is a comfortable one.

Our commitment to these principles is just one of the many things that sets us apart.

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Therapeutic Alliance