We specialize in providing you with a unique approach and LDS gospel-centered systemic sex therapy in a variety of formats. Covenant Sex Therapy has grown to accommodate all of our client's needs by offering a robust array of counseling services in multiple formats. Our Services include face to face therapy, online group therapy, video counseling, and now webinars. You have asked and we have listened!


We have traditional face to face therapy for those that can drive to one of our three locations. These clinics have been strategically placed to meet the needs of the majority of our clients within Utah and Idaho as well as those that will be driving from out of state. We have three clinics in Utah, Provo, Pleasant Grove and Sandy, located close to where the bulk of our clients live. Instead of providing one large office in which all seeking our assistance have to migrate towards, we have chosen to spread out so that you have the convenience of meeting a therapist closer to your home. These three clinics are also in locations that are more accessible to our out of state clients.


Many of our clients are in a process group that is different from a 12 step group. We have a variety of different process groups such as women's sexuality, men's sexuality, women's trauma recovery, men's sexual addiction, and women's sexual addiction. These groups do not run continuously and start and stop depending upon need and participation. We have decided to make these groups online in order to serve a greater portion of our clients.



Over the years we have had many clients from all over the country that have sought out our expertise in working with LDS members that have an issue in their sexual relationship. Due to the sacred nature of the sexual relationship within the LDS faith, many members only feel comfortable working with highly specialized therapists that understand the LDS belief system. These members have sought far and wide and many have found us. We are grateful for the many calls and emails about receiving our assistance in your covenant journey. Since its onset Covenant Sex Therapy has forged the way as a therapy practice up with the times. Much of the medical community have been traversing this new frontier of video medical. More of this is on the horizon. Covenant Sex Therapy is also highly immersed in this progressive therapeutic composition and embrace these technological advances.