Get A Sexual Addiction Recovery “Guide”

Our sexuality guides are coaches for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are dealing with sexual addiction, out-of-control sexual behavior, or incongruent sexual expression


"Guides" are people that have been educated through peer review academic literature, seminars, cutting edge recovery intervention, personally mentored by Dr. Hughes, and numerous other training materials to help you live a life that is more sexually authentic and congruent with who you are personally as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and child of God

Due to our overwhelming number of members that live across the United States and world it has been decided to use these Sexuality Guides to help members that are struggling across the world through a telehealth format. In this way Covenant Sex Therapy can become an even greater beacon to the world for healthy sexuality

The charge of our guides and goal in your work with them is to strive towards sexually congruent sexual expression

How It Works

Call, email, or message us and we'll get you a telehealth/teleguide appointment scheduled with one of our guides. You will have regular appointments with your guide that will help you with numerous aspects of your journey. Among these, your guide will help establish your healthy principles of sexuality, create an understanding of why this incongruent sexual expression in your life is causing you this difficulty, understand what continues to get in your way, what you'd like to change and what seemingly unrelated aspects of living also need to change, shed light on aspects of this challenge that have been incomprehensible, provide unparalleled support, incorporate their education to intervene and help you live a more sexually congruent life

From the moment that you start this adventure a very powerful thing happens. You become part of a resilient, diligent and striving tribe. A tribe who's numbers are growing by the day. There is a strength that is unrivaled when you are part of a tribe like this. We're excited to welcome you into the fold

We are glad to be offering our guide service to members all across the world! We have had people from all over reach out to us for our services