Therapist Resource Page

SAAM Interventions/Activities (Bold are bare minimum)
Systems within-Mindfulness (turning the lights off in your house; cultivating sexual thoughts, fantasies, etc. through the day; tucking the children into bed; focusing on the 4 walls; morning and night meditation about sexual self and longings and needs and declaration of war and rights; flipping through the channels to find a sexual activity that is arousing; suspending the negative thoughts and replace with positive as you meditate; meditation of resurrected self talking to current you about the importance of sexual intimacy;)
Actions (connecting to sexual self on a daily basis-shower, changing, walking in the park with kids; sitting in the chair, as the wind pushes against body, as you exist in the presence of others an in the world; transitioning roles from everything to erotic world, bathtub, shower, standing in front of the mirror, laying on the bed transitioning to sexual self; touch and checking in to different body parts-what do these parts need; erotic breathing 5 minutes building arousal through to orgasm; mimic aroused or orgasmic response 5 minutes-muscle tightening, thrusting, breathing; talk to your doctor about your medicine or hormone levels;)
Written/verbal (sexual rights; sexual longings; sexual dreams or fantasies; express the emotional connection you feel when you have sex; writing a lifelong sexual narrative that is sex positive and optimistic-could look like the hero story; write the negative that prevents your desire as you think about sex; describe what was taken and given to you sexually by systems without; describe what you will need to do in order to advocate for your sexuality;)
Systems without-Dyadic-Actions (open to emotional, physical, sexual connection 10 minutes; emotional hand caress; body trace/body caress; sexual massage; sitting face to face knees touching describe the things you find special about your partner and the emotional needs you have; Indian style facing with body touch stating emotional, physical, and sexual needs weekly; building an erotic environment; find and read messages from religious leaders, members of your faith, or those in your specific population that counter messages received through life;)
Written/verbal (describe a sexual encounter or fantasy to your partner by whispering in their ear; describing your orgasm the same; describe your partner’s arousal and orgasm to them-eye to eye close quarters;)
Systems without-FoO, Society, culture-Actions (Place of significance saying no more to system without messages an intervention and identifying needs and longings declaration of war-tv, computer, mountain, childhood neighborhood, picture of a person, etc.;)
Written/verbal (write a declaration of war to take back what was taken from you or surrendered by you; express to parents, previous partner, etc. that negative messages were not okay without expectation that they are going to change or be accountable;)
Systems within-Mindfulness (Orchestrating arousal continuum; thought stopping and replacement;
Actions (Coital alignment technique;
Written/verbal (
Systems without-Mindfulness