Mecca For Healthy Sexuality

Covenant Sex Therapy is the mecca for healthy sexuality throughout the world. We have been organized to help the various couples and individuals that are seeking for knowledge and truth concerning sexuality. Whether you live in Utah and can come to one of our many clinics all over the state of Utah, or you live in a different state or country, you can learn and develop healthy sexuality for your life and your marriage.

There are two amazing programs that we at Covenant Sex Therapy have developed for those all over the world that yearn to cultivate healthy sexuality. First we have Elearning curriculum for couples, individuals, and parents that can be accessed no matter where you are in the world. Second, we have “Covenant Guides”. That can be accessed through our one on one online chat we call the Covenant Tribe.

Since there are various state and country regulations for therapy across state or country lines, we have developed these two platforms for cultivating healthy sexuality to keep you and your partner, you and your future partner, or your children on the Covenant Path of a Godly relationship.

Our Elearning is built for those that like to work at their own pace and without the direct interaction with another. The curriculum has appropriate gospel based and friendly content, videos, and links. You will progress through different stages of learning towards a mindset of cultivating healthy sexuality lead by essential principles developed by the Hughes Institute.

The Covenant Tribe is what we call our online chat with our Covenant Guides that help those seeking to learn and interact with individuals that are trained in the essential principles of healthy sexuality. Those looking for help or questions concerning sexuality and those that are seeking to address their out-of-control sexual behavior or sexual addiction are encouraged to use The Covenant Tribe program. Through the Covenant Tribe, you can talk about any of the struggles that you are having with sexuality in your life.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be the mecca for healthy sexuality all over the world!